PCM Linden Hills

Services & Rates


1/2 hour                $65

1 hour                    $90

1 1/2 hour             $120



Five 1 hour sessions         $380

Five 1/12 hour sessions   $520


Venmo accepted

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point

Trigger points are small, irritable areas within muscles that cause local and referred pain.  An area of muscle can be aggravated by stress of any sort; sitting at a computer, enduring long car rides, moving furniture, and countless other activities.  Specific pressure applied to taut muscle fibers provides tremendous pain relief.


Relaxation  The pressure doesn't have to be deep in order for the massage to be beneficial. Massage initiates the body's parasympathetic nervous system.  This division of the nervous system is restorative, normalizing, and returns the body to a non-alarm state.  Receiving a massage is an effective way to counter stress.

How the internet fails massage therapists

Any business that has the word "massage" in it can be easily doxxed and have it's name, address, and phone number posted on a seedy website it does not belong on.  I know because this has happened to me.  

I contacted the illegitimate website and asked them to remove my information.  They refused unless I gave them a bunch of personal information, including a copy of my driver's license.  I attempted six times to get Google to remove my information and they rejected me.

I filed a complaint against Google with the MN Attorney General's Office. ( I was unable to file a complaint against the illegal website because it is based outside the US- but I did report them to the FBI. )  In the AG complaint, I asked that Google include websites advertising illegal activity to be included in their doxxing policy.  I also asked them to include attempts to gain personal information in their exploitative removal policy.  I was rejected again.

Thank-you for reading my story.  I'm hoping the United States will gain more internet privacy laws.  Individuals and businesses deserve to have their information protected.