Pink Cloud Massage

About Me


I'm an independent contractor located in Life in Light Chiropractic in charming Linden Hills.

I have always been interested in health and wellness.  I have studied dance since 1995, and I believe the body has a tremendous ability to heal and improve.  I received my bachelor's degree in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota in 2000.  After college, I was eager to learn more about anatomy and physiology with a more holistic approach.  I attended CenterPoint School of Massage in Minneapolis and I was intrigued by the theories and techniques.  I particularly enjoyed learning about Trigger Point Massage. 

How does massage therapy help people

Massage has very few contraindications because it doesn't have side effects, like a drug. Here are some issues massage can alleviate:

  • stress and tension from sitting at a computer all day
  • whiplash from a car accident 
  • muscle tightness from running, biking, dancing, and all kinds of athletic activity
  • headaches
  • rotator cuff problems
  • achiness from pregnancy 


How did I come up with the name Pink Cloud Massage?

When I was in school at CenterPoint, I had a classmate who wanted a practice named Sky Blue and I thought that sounded nice, but also like an airline. I chose Pink Cloud because I've always liked the color pink, and I thought it sounded restful. One of my clients told me that Pink Cloud is an early stage of alcohol recovery. I had never heard of that phrase when I was fresh out of college. 




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